How Do You Find Joy in Life Again?

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    How Do You Find Joy in Life Again?

    How Do You Find Joy in Life Again?

    Discovering joy after a challenging time can be a transformative experience. We've gathered insights from ten professionals, including a co-founder and HR Head, and a Founder, Coach, and Social Impact Consultant, who share their personal journeys from finding hope in self-care to adopting an intentional practice to shift your mindset. Learn from their experiences and find inspiration to overcome your own obstacles and rediscover happiness.

    • Find Hope and Practice Self-Care
    • Create a Personal Joy List
    • Embrace Introspection
    • Build Resilience
    • Nurture Self-Compassion and Positivity
    • Prioritize a Healthy Work/Life Balance
    • Harness the Power of Gratitude
    • Take Consistent Action for Joy
    • Reframe Setbacks
    • Adopt Intentional Practices and Mindset Shifts

    Find Hope and Practice Self-Care

    During my marriage, I found myself really down and out because it was an abusive situation. Oftentimes, I felt alone and stuck. But one day on the train to work, I saw a scripture, Colossians 2:10 - "You are complete in Him who is head of all principality and power." I thought it strange to see any scripture on the train, but I felt it was meant to be seen, as I saw it all the time during my domestic situation.

    It gave me a sense of hope, and I began to explore more outlets to have peace and joy for myself. I would sometimes ride the train to the airport, watch the planes land and take off imagining I was going to a new location and starting life anew, taking long walks in my suburban neighborhood, going to the movies, and having dinner by myself.

    During these moments, I had peace, and no one misusing me. These moments helped build my courage, gain deliverance from my domestic situation, and cultivate the peace of mind, freedom, and joy I maintain to this day.

    Natasha White
    Natasha WhiteSelf Care Wellness Facilitator, New You Wellness

    Create a Personal Joy List

    Years ago, a bad relationship had really taken a toll on me. I felt insecure, I had given up a lot of things that brought me joy in order to make them happy, and I looked around and wondered what happened.

    One day, I decided to make a "Pure Me" list that included all the things that brought me joy. It varied from colors to musicians to scents to activities. From there, I became really intentional about bringing those things into my life more often. I decorated my apartment with colors I loved and gave away things that didn't reflect me anymore. I sought out experiences that were aligned with those activities. It completely turned things around for me!

    I've continued to add to that list over the years, and in times when I'm feeling down or lost, I turn to that list and pick one thing to bring into my present moment so I can experience joy and reconnect with myself. It's such a simple way to get to know yourself and honor yourself!

    Emily Pasnak-Lapchick, Founder, Coach, Social Impact Consultant, Chrysalis Exchange

    Embrace Introspection

    Following a period of hardship, I found that rediscovering joy in life required introspection and a willingness to confront and address my own emotions. Instead of trying to find external sources of happiness, I focused on identifying and working through issues related to my own personal well-being.

    This involved seeking therapy, cultivating healthy habits such as exercise, and making conscious efforts to prioritize my own needs and goals. By looking inward and committing to my own personal growth, I was able to find a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment that has continued to sustain me even during difficult times.

    Jefferson McCall, Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

    Build Resilience

    Life rarely hands out a universal guide to finding joy amid desolation. The true quest rests in creating a resilient foundation, one that enables you to envision beyond your current predicament.

    When I was entangled in negativity's stranglehold, I sought refuge in meditation and nature, allowing their tranquil whispers to guide me. Amid the pandemic, trapped in a toxic liaison, I summoned the courage to alter my destiny.

    Learning from my past, and patiently focusing on my future, I slowly stitched my life back together. Journaling emerged as my guiding star, casting a comforting glow on my journey. Although the path to self-reclamation isn't a stroll in the park, it's entirely possible. Remember, my door is always open, and I am here to lend an ear.

    Justin Insalaco, Strategic Adviser, Atlas One

    Nurture Self-Compassion and Positivity

    Finding joy in life after experiencing a period of hardship can be a transformative journey. By practicing positive self-talk and extending myself grace and empathy during those challenging moments, you can keep moving forward.

    It's important to remember that finding joy by nurturing self-compassion and maintaining a positive mindset makes it easier to embrace the joy that life has to offer.

    Diane Howard, Founder, Esthetic Finesse

    Prioritize a Healthy Work/Life Balance

    The last time I didn't have joy was shortly before the pandemic when I was heavily conflicted about a job that was for a good cause but was unhealthy for me and my family.

    I worked for a company that benefitted my community and the region; unfortunately, it featured poor management, which led to the normalization of a constant crisis mode.

    Inventory shortages and revolving-door staffing led to me dealing with increasingly longer hours and last-minute pleas to work on days off, and clients upset the company wasn't delivering on its promises.

    My family and friends, tired of seeing me exhausted and always canceling plans, held an intervention and convinced me to leave.

    I'm very grateful they intervened because I rediscovered my joy with a work-from-home position for an insurance-based digital media company that emphasizes a healthy work/life balance. Thanks to a supportive boss, I now have time to actually take lunch and breaks, and I enjoy the variety of ways I can help the company.

    Michelle Robbins, Licensed Insurance Agent,

    Harness the Power of Gratitude

    If you're struggling to find joy in life, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is gratitude. When you actively practice gratitude, you shift your focus from what you don't have to what you do have, and you begin to see the world in a more positive light.

    To harness the power of gratitude, start by setting aside time each day to reflect on the things you're grateful for, whether it's the people in your life, the opportunities you have, or the experiences you've enjoyed. As you make gratitude a regular part of your routine, you'll begin to notice a shift in your perspective, and you'll find that joy is easier to come by.

    Tarun Saha, Co-founder and CEO, StallionZo

    Take Consistent Action for Joy

    Life can be challenging, and it can leave us feeling down and out. I've been there, and I know how it feels to be devoid of joy. However, I discovered that joy is not something that you have to wait for; it's something that you create for yourself.

    The ability to find joy in life ultimately comes down to shifting your focus from the negative to what's positive. Taking small steps towards gratitude, practicing mindfulness, setting achievable goals, helping others, and embracing change can all help bring joy into your life.

    Personally, I found joy in practicing self-care, connecting with others, and cultivating a positive mindset. Remember, joy may not come easily or overnight, but taking consistent action toward finding it will make it all worth it.

    Basana Saha, Founder, KidsCareIdeas

    Reframe Setbacks

    I've learned that true resilience lies in being a person of principles. When facing a career-ending injury, I found the inner strength to keep moving forward by reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth. Each setback became a stepping stone toward a brighter future. Remember, setbacks are not the end but a chance to learn, adapt, and come back stronger.

    Loren Howard, Founder, Prime Plus Mortgages

    Adopt Intentional Practices and Mindset Shifts

    During a challenging financial phase in my life, I felt like joy and happiness were out of my reach. However, I was determined to turn things around. I committed to intentional practices and mindset shifts, which helped me regain my sense of joy. I started focusing on gratitude and being appreciative of even the smallest blessings in my life.

    Additionally, I made a conscious effort to have more positive thoughts and to create a support system with uplifting people and nurturing environments. Once I started implementing these changes, I was able to rediscover the beauty and joy in life.

    Anirban Saha, Founder, MrPlanter

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